Halal Catering in Malaysia

Halal Catering Malaysia is an American company that has specialized in providing Halal and Islamic catering services to high-end clients. It has been in the business for over two decades, since then it has proved its mettle and experience to be very good. It is a division of a large international company that provides catering services for corporate events, dinners, as well as weddings.

The menu served by this company is based on dietary principles; so they offer a number of their Halal food. And with Halal being part of the religion in Malaysia it’s even more important. A normal menu at this company is composed of a five-course dinner, each course being served with another choice of salad or soup. Many of the dishes can be created in advance and they are available to function within one hour of their booking.

Wedding reception halls provide this facility

In another category you own a mix of various Japanese and Chinese food. It’s possible to request dishes made with pork or poultry. The majority of the service providers give you an option of whether to eat a meal which usually consists of noodles and rice or two meals and a salad or soup. With union couples choose a whole meal to celebrate the joy of the marriage.

You might also have a larger dinner, composed of appetizers, a number of salad and soup course, and dessert.  An inexpensive choice for the big group would be to have them discuss the price of a buffet dinner. Wedding reception halls provide this facility. The equipment required for serving at a buffet style is straightforward to use and it usually involves an overhead screen.

Islamic Halal catering in Malaysia is important since if you were not at the wedding you would probably not have been aware of it without the components of the food wouldn’t have had the same quality and taste as the Halal ones. It is also significant because the bride would have yet to be served without wearing a veil. It is a tradition and it is always part of the marriage ceremony. The meat and poultry must be cooked on charcoal so that the Halal meals doesn’t emit any smoke or dirt which will spoil the essence of the food.

Enjoy your delicious menu

Halal catering in Malaysia is available round the clock and there is also an option to book a time slot for the evening, so that you get a night off from your usual hours and can enjoy the food. In many cases the restaurants are not open during lunchtime so you can still enjoy your delicious menu.

In case you’ve got a gathering or should you not need that the Halal food to be served on such a scale that is large then this is sometimes an option. If you are on a budget it would not be a smart choice as you would not get the Halal meals however, you’d still be paying over the average halal food restaurant.

Of course there are cheaper Halal catering options that can be found throughout the country. You may be surprised how much the price difference between these types of places can be.